Our Services

Ballet Classes

3yrs - 5yrs:
Ballet classes are offered to pre-school children upwards. The pre school classes are fun and creative, they aim to develop musicality and co-ordination whilst introducing the basic principles of ballet technique. Classes are structured to allow children to develop at their own pace enabling all children to gain confidence and learn the beginning of dance technique.

5yrs onwards:
At five years children will start syllabus work and if they want to can take examinations to progress to the next level. Syllabus classes are offered from Preparatory – Advanced 2. For list of classes see class times.

Tap Classes

A 15minute introductory tap class is offered to children after their ballet class. This is designed to introduce the basic principles of tap before progressing to the next level. The lesson will aim to introduce basic rhythms to fun music specifically designed for young children.

5yrs - onwards:
At five years children will progress to the next level and will start syllabus work in a 30 minute lesson. Tap Rhythms and musicality are developed further combining Tap Technique with modern lines. Tap classes are fun and exciting and act as a complimentary discipline to the ballet classes.

Modern Classes

Modern classes at the Gilmour School are offered from 4yrs upwards. Once children have begun ballet classes, children are able to take up Modern Classes and learn new and exciting dance moves and choreographies.

Limbering and Stretch Classes

The limbering and stretch classes are added on to the modern class. This class enables children to gain a core strength and flexibility required to undertake a dance training. Traditional dance exercises are combined with modern stretching techniques to help children learn about correct posture and flexibility.