Principal: Louisa Rolt

Louisa Rolt MADance Studies; FIDTA Ballet; FIDTA TC

Louisa Rolt began learning Ballet, Tap and Modern at the Park School of Dancing in Eastbourne. She competed in 7 national dance festivals and was a semi finalist at the All England Festival in 1992.

In1999 she achieved a BAHons dance degree and in 2001 achieved a Masters Degree at Laban Centre London.

Miss Louisa’s focus has always been on teaching children dancing and whilst studying for her degrees she also worked and achieved her Advanced 2 Ballet as a performer and subsequently her Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship Ballet and Fellowship Theatre Craft to enable her to teach in studio schools.

In 2004 Miss Carolyn Gilmour founder of the Gilmour School retired and Louisa Rolt took the school over and became principal of the school.

Louisa Rolt aims to maintain the high standard that Miss Carolyn Gilmour set throughout her 40 years of teaching and keep the Gilmour School as a happy school that aims for high results.

Teachers: Ellie Doughty

Ellie Doughty (AIDTA)

Ellie Doughty has been a student at the Gilmour School from the age of 6. She has achieved Honours for all of her dancing exams just achieving 93 Marks (distinction) for her Associate Ballet.

Miss Ellie has been nominated for the IDTA awards twice and was also an associate student at London Junior Ballet and London Senior Ballet respectively.

She has also participated in local dance festival and has always performed to a high standard and achieved excellent results.

Miss Ellie assists Miss Louisa in her classes on a Saturday Morning and helps the children with their work. Plus she helps the children prepare for their festival work and takes the Baby classes on a Saturday morning.